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Argus Event Staffing, LLC

Argus Event Staffing, LLC (AES) is the parent company for all Argus service lines and provides the umbrellas for integrated front-of-house staffing solutions.

AES services include:

  • Event management
  • Event security & crowd management
  • Ushers & directors
  • Ticket scanners & ticket takers
  • Security and event consulting services
  • Evacuation planning and threat evaluation
  • Security & crowd management equipment rental

A3S™ (Argus Security Screening Specialist)

Argus has a professionally trained team who will fully scan fans before entering venue / stadium.  A3S™ staff will implement venue rules and policies with entrance screening.  Argus works in conjunction with local law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security to ensure fan safety. A3S

  • Argus uses state-of-the-art metal detection equipment.
  • Fan Scanning / Visual screening / Checkpoint Screening
  • Bag Inspection / Bag Policy Enforcement
  • Handheld Metal Detection (Fan Screening)
  • Walkthrough Metal Detection (Fan Screening)
  • Comprehensive Venue Security Planning
  • Overall Planning

Argus PATS™ (Parking and Traffic Services)

Argus PATS™ (Parking and Traffic Services) provides best-in-class parking and traffic services for live entertainment facilities and large festivals. Through the use of structured parking plans, advanced technology, and highly trained staff, Argus PATS™ manages the patron experience and maximizes revenue from venue parking operations.
Services include:

  • Parking operations management
  • Parking attendants
  • Parking cashiers
  • Accountant and reconciliation services
  • Parking consulting and traffic flow design
  • Parking equipment rental

Argus RSS™ (Registration Support Services)

Argus RSS™ (Registration Support Services) provides turnkey services and solutions for convention and event registration. Argus personnel working with Argus RSS™ are tested to ensure appropriate computer and administrative skills, and are trained on various registration and attendee feedback systems.
Services include:

  • Registration management
  • Registration personnel
  • Polling and sampling personnel
  • Credential production
  • Registration program planning
  • Registration equipment rental

A.R.T.™ (Argus Roam Teams)

Argus Roam Teams (A.R.T.™) is a proprietary program that combines advanced conflict resolution techniques with customized crowd management techniques and targeted hiring and recruiting programs to provide a highly mobile, rapidly responsive presence at live entertainment venues. Designated as A.R.T.™ representatives, known as “Technicians” are clearly identified through the use of high visibility clothing and differentiated identification from normal event staff personnel. A.R.T.™ Technicians are trained to de-escalate situations and to remove situations from public seating areas to less conspicuous areas such as concourses.
Services include:

  • Roam team program management
  • Roam team personnel
  • Argus ALCON™ (Alcohol Control)
  • Roam team program development and consulting
  • Command post operations, design, and consulting
  • Rental of command post equipment

Let us show you how Argus will make your next event a success...

The Argus Companies approach all of their service offerings as a customer service organization first and maintain a comprehensive training and action program called “First Impression Customer Service™”. Whether you choose Argus to provide ushers, ticket takers, crowd management personnel, parking services, janitorial and maintenance services, corporate and 24 hour security, box office staffing and logistics, guest solutions services, or any combination of service offerings, Argus provides the absolute best first impression management and customer service to you and your guests. “One Fan at a Time”

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