New Employee Referral Program

A referral bonus of $50.00 will be paid to each referring Argus employee after their referral has worked  5 events within 30 days of completing NHO….This is an all or nothing program.


  1. Referred new employee must list referral name (First and Last) on their application. Rehired employees are not considered a new employee.
  2. Referring employee may be a former employee that is eligible for rehire.
  3. Salaried Argus employees are not eligible for the program, field Argus employees including hourly managers, supervisors and TM’s are eligible.
    • Argus “corporate” employees not eligible.
    • NPO and partner firms are not eligible
  4. Bonus will be paid via check and will be subject to tax withholdings.
    • We will distribute via mail or in person whatever the referrer prefers.
    • If mailed by check, it’s our desire to celebrate the Argus employee during briefings that they’ve reached the bonus…this should drive others to the program.
  5. Bonuses will be paid once the 5th event has been completed on the Friday after close of the Argus work week (Monday-Sunday) *Note Training does not count as an “event”.   Argus reserves the right to modify or end this program at any time