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Becoming an Argus Team Member

We appreciate your interest in joining Argus Event Staffing. Argus knows that our most valuable asset is our employees. We put every effort into ensuring that the best-and-brightest of today’s workforce are recruited, hired, and trained to add to our successful team of event staffing professionals. Before taking the time to complete the application and interview process, we want to tell you what it is like to work for The Argus Companies so you can decide if becoming an Argus Team Member is the right job for you. As an Argus Team Member, you are tasked with creating the BEST “First Impression Customer Service™” at our venues and events, and all Argus Team Members know they are representing the core expectations of an exceptional employee.   Your required duties may vary venue to venue, however we strive to provide consistency within our training and standards so there is never a question of the duty you are expected to perform. While some positions may not be glamorous or offer you a view of the event, each and every position is vital to the safety and security of the venues we work. We strive to provide the absolute best first impression management and customer service to our clients and guests.

Team Member Responsibilities

As a Team Member, duties you must be capable of performing include but are not limited to the following:
  • Ability to work weekends, holidays, and nights – some extending later in the evening than others
  • Ability to work outside in adverse weather conditions
  • Ability to stand at an assigned post or location for long periods of time – some may not offer a view of the event
  • Ability to work different venues and positions
  • Ability to deal with impaired or disorderly patrons
  • Ability to abide by the Argus Team Member policies and procedures as outlined in the Argus Handbook
  • A more detailed list can be found on the first page of the application
  • Professional appearance is an important part of providing the best first impression. The dress code of an Argus Team Member at events consists of:

Indoor Events:

  • Solid Black Pants – jeans unacceptable
  • Solid Black Belt – no designs, grommets etc.
  • Solid Black Shoes – no logos
  • Black Socks
  • White or Black Undershirt – no logos
  • Argus issued credentials on an Argus lanyard – worn around your neck and visible at all times
  • Small flashlight, pen and pad of paper

Outdoor Events:

  • Solid Black Shorts – jeans unacceptable and no shorter than golf length
  • Solid Black Belt – no designs, grommets etc.
  • Solid White Shoes – no logos
  • White Socks
  • White or Black Undershirt – no logos
  • Argus issued credentials on an Argus lanyard – worn around your neck and visible at all times
  • Small flashlight, pen and pad of paper

An Argus uniform shirt and/or jacket will be provided at each event. You are required to be in the correct uniform at all events and venues with your badge worn on your outermost garment, Argus shirt tucked in, and appropriate pants or shorts are not to sit below the waist. Working for Argus as a Team Member means you are prepared to offer the BEST “First Impression Customer Service™” to both fans and clients. Regardless of the position your assignment, we all are always “on stage” and act professionally at all times. Important qualities our Team Members must possess include:

  • Making everyone feel like a welcome guest in your home. This includes sincerely welcoming them to the venue or event and thanking them when they leave.
  • Portray a sincere, friendly attitude when dealing with all patrons and clients.
  • Remaining “present” in all aspects of your work- focus on you interactions with other Team Members, clients and fans. It is never appropriate to appear distracted or disinterested.
  • Always helpful to everyone- with emphasis on how you can enhance the fan entertainment experience.
  • Always willing to go the “extra mile” for patrons, clients or other Team Members. This may include offering directions, helping to find seating, various physical duties (may include: folding chairs, picking up trash, moving barricade, walking up and down stairs etc.), helping out in a position you may be unfamiliar with and offering assistance regardless if it’s “your job” or not.
  • Smiling!!

Working for Argus Event Staffing is a career like no other- you will gain valuable work experience, work varied events, make new friends along the way and be a part of an amazing team!

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