About the Argus Companies

Argus high-res
The Argus Companies were founded in 2002 and have become some of the top full-service companies in Colorado  and Georgia. Built on a good reputation and strong reliability, Argus is responsible for providing staff and services for some of the most prominent venues in the state.

The success of the Argus Companies can be attributed to the dedicated and devoted management staff and front-line team members. Each team members must have the perfect attitude to work with the Argus Companies and our goal is to treat patrons as if they are guests in our own homes; team members are responsible for getting that message to our patrons. Argus team members are tasked with creating the BEST first impression at our venues and events, and all Argus team members know they are representing the venues and events at which they work.

The Argus Companies are well known for delivering high-end customer service and ensuring safe facilities. Our professionally trained team members have the tools to be the best “first impression staff” in the industry.